Mickey Newbury, Lamp

Stories From The Silver Moon Cafe – Digital Download

Album: Stories From The Silver Moon Cafe
Release Date: 2000
Digital Download


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Mickey’s first CD of new songs since 1996, this studio release has it all. Mickey covers all the musical bases with country, blues, jazz, ballads, and ‘Newbury songs,’ in a beautifully produced CD. It features Mickey’s ‘patented’ interludes, great musicians, and powerful performances by an American musical treasure.

The Song List:

  1. The Silver Moon Cafe
  2. Lie To Me Darlin’
  3. It Makes Me So Sad
  4. Some Memories Are Better Left Alone
  5. Down N’ Dirty
  6. Why You Been Gone So Gone
  7. Ain’t No Blues Today
  8. Ain’t No Sunshine
  9. Oh Mama
  10. Dancing Shadows
  11. Twenty Years And Sweet Dreams Ago
  12. A Storm Is Comin’
  13. A Father’s Prayer