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Downloadable Albums

These albums are downloadable digital copies of Mickey’s music; no CD or other physical shipment is included. After you complete a successful purchase, you will be provided with a link to download your ZIP file(s). Once decompressed, the zip file contains high quality versions of the tracks as FLAC files, as well as a high resolution PDF of cover art, album notes, credits, and lyric sheets. Please note that FLAC files are lossless, but that also means that the ZIP file will be quite a large download. (Please check your bandwidth and make sure you will be able to download a file that is several hundred megabytes in size.)

Digital download albums come as a collection of high quality audio files in FLAC format. FLAC format may not be natively playable on all devices; however, there are a variety of free players available for most platforms. Here are some apps to consider if your device does not play FLAC by default:

DVD Video

In 1994, Mickey’s performance was recorded live at the Hermitage Ballroom in Nashville, Tennessee. It is now available to purchase as a DVD.


The following biographies written about Mickey’s life are available for purchase. Crystal And Stone is available as an E-Book or Hardcover at AuthorHouse, and An American Treasure is available as a downloadable audio book.