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Live at the Hermitage (1994) – DVD

Album: Live at the Hermitage – DVD
Format: DVD

In 1994, Mickey’s performance was recorded live at the Hermitage Ballroom in Nashville, Tennessee.


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“One night, two guitars, a voice for the ages, and bone-chilling, heart-breaking songs. This is how it was that night in March.”

Song list:

  1. The Thirty Third Of August
  2. Apples Dipped In Candy
  3. Juble Lee’s Revival
  4. Frisco Mabel Joy
  5. Earthquake
  6. Ramblin’ Blues
  7. My Lady Now
  8. Lie To Me Darlin’
  9. Genevieve
  10. Just Dropped In
  11. Mickey Growing Up
  12. Amazing Grace ⋅ Cortelia Clark
  13. What Will I Do
  14. Saint CeCelia
  15. Four Ladies
  16. Nights When I Am Sane
  17. Heaven Help The Child
  18. A Weed Is A Weed
  19. Jessie & Maggie
  20. Angeline
  21. Poison Red Berries
  22. American Trilogy

Special Features:

  • 2 songs by Jack Williams solo
  • Mickey with violin virtuoso, Marie Rhines
  • Songwriter Interview with Mickey Newbury
  • Music Video

19 in stock

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