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Live In England – Digital Download

Album: Live In England
Release Date: 1998
Digital Download


Album: Live In England
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Live in England was recorded in concert in 1993. The release includes Newbury classics (American Trilogy, San Francisco Mabel Joy, ‘Frisco Depot, and others), some traditional songs given Mickey’s unique interpretation (Danny Boy, Shenandoah, and His Eye Is On The Sparrow), and some Newbury classics of the future (Sailor, Sailor and Ramblin’ Blues).

These are powerful solo performances before enthusiastic audiences in some of the world’s finest music halls. This is an essential album for Newbury fans and a great introduction for those just discovering this living musical legend.

The Song List:

  1. Angeline
  2. Cortelia Clark
  3. Song Of Sorrow
  4. His Eye Is On The Sparrow
  5. Sailor, Sailor
  6. Ramblin’ Blues
  7. Danny Boy
  8. Easy Street
  9. ‘Frisco Depot
  10. Shenandoah
  11. San Francisco Mabel Joy
  12. American Trilogy