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Blue to This Day – Digital Download

Album: Blue to This Day
Release Date: 2004
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Blue To This Day, a fifteen song collection of studio recordings, encompasses shades of jazz, blues, folk, rock, & gospel. Among the star studded cast of musicians are legendary guitarists, Reggie Young, Mac Gayden, and Jack Williams as well as Drummer/Percussionists, Gene Chrisman & Kenny Malone.

Blue To This Day features eleven new, previously unrecorded songs and is the last studio album by one of America’s most revered writer – artists, Mickey Newbury.

The Song List:

  1. Some Dreams
  2. The Two Step Goes On
  3. Song of Sorrow
  4. Father’s Amen
  5. Brother Peter
  6. Mississippi Moon
  7. Help Me Son
  8. House of Blues
  9. Little Blue Robin
  10. Down & Dirty
  11. Shuck & Jive
  12. All The Neon Lights
  13. Tilde
  14. Remember The Good
  15. Goodnight