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Blue to This Day (2004) – Digital Download

Album: Blue to This Day
Release Date: 2004
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Blue To This Day, a fifteen song collection of studio recordings, encompasses shades of jazz, blues, folk, rock, & gospel. Among the star studded cast of musicians are legendary guitarists, Reggie Young, Mac Gayden, and Jack Williams as well as Drummer/Percussionists, Gene Chrisman & Kenny Malone.

Blue To This Day features eleven new, previously unrecorded songs and is the last studio album by one of America’s most revered writer – artists, Mickey Newbury.

The Song List:

  1. Some Dreams Never Die
  2. The Two Step Goes On
  3. Song of Sorrow
  4. Father’s Amen – Interlude
  5. Brother Peter
  6. Mississippi Moon
  7. Help Me Son
  8. House of Blues
  9. Little Blue Robin
  10. Down & Dirty
  11. Shuck & Jive
  12. All The Neon Lights Are Blue
  13. Tilde
  14. Remember The Good
  15. Goodnight

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