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Author:  SusanW
E-mail:  susanjwilliamson@verizon.net
Date:  2/10/2005 7:29:04 AM
Subject:  Donna Barnes
Message:  Donna's son had an accidental carbon monoxide poisoning and needs our prayers. It'll be a month before determining whether there is lasting damage. I told her I was going to post, and she thanked everyone for keeping him in oour prayers. She and Albert Mendoza hope that schedules permitting, they'll be at the gathering this year. Donna fondly recalled seeing Doug and Cowboy at the airport, last year on her way to Nashville. I sure hope they can make it to Austin, it'll be great to hear Albert again. He played for us at the Gathering in Oregon. Also, Donna has an amazing collection of mint Newbury albums. Anyway, she promised to keep us updated on her son, as she reads the board, often.

 Donna Barnes by SusanW  at 2/10/2005 7:29:04 AM
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