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Author:  Roy
E-mail:  not available
Date:  1/31/2005 9:56:16 AM
Subject:  Re: Mickey on X.M. ----- Waylon Payne ?
Message:  I sent Bill an e-mail last night and had one waiting on me this morning from him. He left most of the stuff Bob sent at WBAP when he went to XM. He promised to play more when I get him something to play and also to start talking about the Gathering and asked if I could join him one night in June to sit and talk on the air about the Gathering.

Bill is one of those old friends that you might not see or talk to in ten years and then the next time you get together, he might finish the thought that the two of you were discussing ten years before. He wrote his song, "Drinking Champange" sitting on my couch one night.

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