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Author:  zach maberry
E-mail:  zachmaberry@yahoo.com
Date:  1/28/2005 5:24:08 PM
Subject:  Mickey on X.M. ----- Waylon Payne ?
Message:  Hey,Cool thing.I called and requested any Newbury song on X.M.the other day.Then yesterday i turned it on and they were playing "1x1 aint 4" on rogue calls.I didn't get to hear my voice before it so i really don't know if it was the mickey i requested.But i have had xm for a long time and i have never heard a Newbury song on it before.So i think it was mine.Anyways,sorry for rambling on.Very cool song though.I don't know which albumn it is on.

P.s. Anybody heard any news on Waylon Payne? I think he has vanished off the face of the earth.Walk the Line has to be finished by now.

 Mickey on X.M. ----- Waylon Payne ? by zach maberry  at 1/28/2005 5:24:08 PM
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