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Author:  Laura Shayne Newbury
E-mail:  newbury_legacy@hotmail.com
Date:  1/27/2005 2:18:46 PM
Subject:  Gone for so long....
Message:  I cannot express how much I have longed for my family on the porch over the past few weeks....
I think of you often...
I pray for so many of you...
I miss all of you...
I hope you're doing well.
And I wish I could be here every day...
With a sick computer and a wedding approaching life has been hectic... but sweet.
I taste the honey of love and life in our family every day.
And my heart is warmed constantly from the memories I have of all of you...
If I had my way there would be a gathering held monthly... and livening of the soul and mind. *grin*
But I'm afraid our bodies couldn't take the lack of sleep. *wink*

I love you all as a whole, but do have a few personal messages to share... and yes, I AM going to share personal messages on the board... with the music playing... because that's what we do here. And we like it that way. *grin*

Leah... I can't thank you enough for being a link between the porch and I lately... hopefully within a few weeks you won't have to update me on the happenings because I'll be here at your side, enjoying them as they come!

Doug... I love you more than ever. I think of you every day. And I wish more than ever that the distance wasn't so long... thank you for opening your soul with us... you are rich beyond compare. Carpe Diem Duke... Carpe Diem...

Granny... boy I miss you lady! I'm counting the days til I get to bend over and wrap my arms around your neck! *grin*

Karen... it was good seeing you the other night. Thank you for letting the porch family in on our story telling. *wink*

To all those else who share a rocker on the front and back porches... I will return as soon as possible. I am on Steve's rear to get my computer fixed but he's trying to help me in between going to school full time, taking care of a wife, a little girl, and himself! So we'll see... I don't want to push TOO hard, but I'd do almost anything to be back with you!

As for me.............

I'm teaching chilren with learning dissabilities, both physical and emotional, and I love it. I am busy moving in to the farm house still, babysitting for Steve every now and then, and doing what I can to support my mom in this, the craziest of times!

I love you all, again I miss you, and I am STILL counting down the days!

A regretful,
Laura Shayne

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