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Author:  Illiance
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Date:  1/27/2005 11:45:29 AM
Subject:  Re: To all those I love.....
Message:  I have wondered much in my life as to how this thing called Love works for I have had the great pleasure of falling in Love many times... and quite truthfully, I have never fallen 'out' of Love. My ex-wife and I parted many years ago but circumstances changed and not the deep feelings I had for her... we are the best of friends to this day. I think the human soul has the capacity to embrace all the Love that could ever manifest in this universe. As far as 'the' Love, well, I understand that there are soulmates that can transcend the normal bounderies of Love ~ sometimes that connection resonates immediately and sometimes it germantes in time as a beautiful flower... and the garden of the human soul can accomodate many flowers - all at the same time... one flower has no less importance than the next or the last. We are here to 'live' life and it can be a transgression to a memory to stop living for the sake of a memory. When the song of life plays we have the choice to sit it out or dance... so dance ~ with Light feet and Light soul ~ eyes are smiling in heaven and heart.

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