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Author:  Lee F.
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Date:  1/25/2005 8:58:23 PM
Subject:  Re: To all those I love.....
Message:  Susie...you know you have always had a piece of my heart from the very first day we met so many years ago...I loved you then, I love you now..
and I always will. I am perfectly content with all the precious memories of knowing you as a dear friend and still be greeted by you in that way. It warms my heart to overflowing.
Your happiness is of utmost importance as far as I am concerned..and I only wish that happiness for you to continue in your life. I am glad to know you have found someone you can find that happiness with again. I wish all good things for you in your marriage !!!!!
and I will still continue to love you for YOU !and for the grace you possess for all who come to know you!!!     God Bless!!!!

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