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Author:  Kurt R Milliken
E-mail:  milliken1@adelphia.net
Date:  1/25/2005 8:49:14 AM
Subject:  How I came to know of Mickey Newbury
Message:  When I was 17, station in Guam on the submarine USS Daniel Webster, I bought my first Mickey Newbury Album. I believe that it was in 1971. I was buying a stereo in the Navy Exchange. I wanted to buy an album to play on my new turntable, there on the wall was one of Mickey's albums. When I got back to Hawaii my new stereo, turntable, and Mickey's album were waiting for me. I set them up and played the album. I immediately was hooked on his music, and I played his album constantly. then for some reason I let it go for many of years. I'm not 52 and last year I came across those albums again. Not able to play them, as I now had a CD player. While trying to locate his CD's, I discovered that Mickey had passed away. I felt as though I lost a family member, and regreted that I never got to see him live. I bought all his CD,s and now listen to them on a regular basis, I am currently listening to him now. My heart goes out to his family and fans, we all suffered a great loss.

 How I came to know of Mickey Newbury by Kurt R Milliken  at 1/25/2005 8:49:14 AM
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