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Author:  Curious
E-mail:  not available
Date:  1/24/2005 2:56:39 AM
Subject:  Re: Susie
Message:  Gee,Doug,your writing to Susie seems so very personal,like it should be just between the two of you.May I ask, why you did not use Susie's private e-mail,shown at the top of the Front Porch page (for private correspondence)?? Irrespective of the answer,since you "opened" message on Porch, I am curious to know --are you now joining OUR ranks as yet another failed Susie suitor "crying in your beer"? You're lucky though, you've got Disa still faithfully standing by, ready to give you yet another shot. Be careful though,she may tire of standing by and decide that Gun Shots are all she has for you!! Of course I just jest - history is yet to record such a thoughtless deadly act by a woman. It is a happy time --

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