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Author:  Susie
E-mail:  susan@mickeynewbury.com
Date:  1/18/2005 12:30:09 PM
Subject:  Re: Broken Threads
Message:  OK, OK, OK

I'm so confused about the fuss that I can't even explain the problem to the programmer..... I'm so glad Steve is going to school so he can eventually deal with these problems.

I thought the original problem was that people read from top to bottom, so the way the old blue board posted, it was confusing. If you start with the first thread and just hit the "NEXT" button, it should take you through the whole conversation (without Doug's margarine comments). Is that what happens?

Anybody got any ideas to make this simpler? I know that the Back Porch is more comfortable for most of you, but there are some who can't get there. I'm afraid that the only way we're going to solve Mama's problems is to buy her a computer, but then she's going to have to go through hoops to get it displayed on her TV. You can find her at the end of her bed at the most awful hours reading the board.... I've seen her! She is a night owl, don'tcha know?

We're open to any and all suggestions. PacInfo is an easy company to deal with.


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