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Author:  Karen R
E-mail:  luvnmusc@comcast.net
Date:  1/15/2005 3:31:38 PM
Subject:  Re: Ladies, help please
Message:  The scary thing about Jeff's post is the time of night he posted!!! Was he awake after 2 am worrying about it? Trying to figure it out?

Now, my take on this whole thing....about men and women communications.

Ellis talks all the time. Really, he does. But when he is silent, his mind is going a mile a minute. He will turn to me and ask, "why didn't you answer me?" Or, "you weren't paying attention, were you?"!!!! I swear I did not hear a word!!!! He just can't tell the difference between talking "in his mind" and talking out loud. He thinks I should hear him no matter what!!!. ;) After 45 years, I just tell him that I'm getting hard of hearing, so please repeat. I don't try to figure out all the nuances of speech....duh!

Women can talk at the same time and understand every word. The older I get, I do have to slow down a little, to make sure I'm being understood, but not much.

Do you have twins in your family? Try to figure out their conversations!!!!!!!

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