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Author:  Craig
E-mail:  not available
Date:  1/15/2005 8:36:25 AM
Subject:  Re: Ladies, help please
Message:  Jeff, Larry,
I feel your pain. My wife is a kindergarten teacher which pretty much makes me a kindergarten teacher by proxy.

I have to do nothing more than to turn around from where I sitting as I type this and look at all of the "stuff" she has in crates for her class. First it was in the closet, then in MY garage, once my daughter moved out it is in that bedroom as well. The problem is, it never got moved from the last storage place in the house, she just got more stuff once more room was available!

I know the whereabouts of every "Dollar Store" from Galveston to Conroe, from Katy to Beaumont. I frequent "Big Lots" and whatnot. I have cut lengths of PVC and dowel rods for this or that, filled a hundred water balloons for an end of year "Water Fun Day", gone shopping with her for pajamas for Polar Express Day. And yes, like Larry, I got to go see the movie as well. Last week she was panicked when she couldn't find wagon wheel pasta anywhere so we went on that quest. Now what did she do? She bought everything on the rack since some of the other teachers couldn't find it either. Reimbursed??? Is that a real word?

Last year, during the Gathering, she drove to Dallas for some Frog Street Press something or other. She is always going to this seminar or that seminar and comes back with all these toys...I MEAN teaching tools! Yeah, that's it, teaching tools. Now she has to store all of these teaching tools which brings us back to the closet/garage/spare bedroom scenario...

...after all, its for THE CHILDREN!!!

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