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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  1/15/2005 7:11:04 AM
Subject:  Re: Ladies, help please
Message:  Obviously as a husband of a kindergarten teacher I have to jump in here. You people don't understand unless you are one of us i.e. Jeff, Craig, or me. We're all married to those poor souls that deal with trying to mold that age child. They tend to take on the personality of the students they teach. Even Suzette said that last night. She said that she sees herself saying and doing things that her students do. They are a whole different Breed. They answer questions with statements that have nothing to do with the question asked or come up with statements that you have no earthly idea what they are talking about or have no real significance. “I have a brother and my dog’s name is spot.”

Jeff I walked through the house one day while Suzette was watching a soap opera. I happened to ask about one of the characters. “Who is she Suzette.” “Oh, she’s a nurse.”

We were walking down our road one day, before it was paved, and she stopped and picked up a rock that was split in half and started explaining the different rings to me and how it got that way. To which I replied “Who gives a damn?”

Night before last she talked for a solid hour about how she ordered somewhere around a thousand dollars worth of stuff for her class and they didn’t approve the paint cups. “Some administrator just had to show their power and not let me get those cups!” As I sat there during that time trying to read the paper (I read two sentences.) I was praying “Dear God, Don’t do this to me. Don’t let her start being like her mother with no off switch.” She then pulled out some teaching tool that she did get and started explaining it to me. I listened the best I could, even asked a few questions.   The dog started scratching at the door wanting out. I got up to let him out. Big mistake! “Well I see you don’t really care and aren’t interested anyway!” To which I replied “I’m interested I just don’t want the dog to Sh** in the floor.”

Kindergarten teachers are a blessing from heaven but a real one of a kind bunch.

As you probably know, you really didn’t miss anything Jeff. I just hope you were smart enough to keep your mouth shut and paid for the butter.


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