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Author:  Texasroyce
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Date:  1/13/2005 5:07:52 PM
Subject:  Re: Guess you don't know...
Message:  Karen: During the war (WWII) my mom could only get the oleo in a plastic package with the little bead of yellow coloring and this was our job to mix the stuff. Never like oleo since then. To me it was just grease.

By the way, the Dairy Queen doesn't sell ice cream. They sell the ice milk product and if you ever read the ingredients with all the chemicals you might not go for a sundae ever again. This is from a purest who won't put that foamy, soft stuff into my perfect body.

Mom put cheese on the apple pie once and my dad threw it away. Her problem was she used American Cheese. The ideal pie is warm apple pie with homemade Blue Bell Ice cream. (the pie is just the excuse to eat more Blue Bell)

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