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Author:  Jason
E-mail:  Illiance@msn.com
Date:  1/8/2005 10:13:40 PM
Subject:  Re: Happy Birthday, Jason Stone
Message:  Thanks for the regards and the birthday wishes. I'm a bit late checking the board...up in San Jose for a few days doing some remodeling work for my sister-in-law (my brother passed away a couple of years ago of Alzheimers ~ she was an angel to the end with him). The drive back was a bit hairy as I-5 was closed due to a snow storm just as I got to the base of the mountain leading into northern LA ~ had to reroute through Bakersfield and another snow storm... just couldn't wait to get back to my cave out here in the desert in Tucson. If it's in the cards I can't think of a better place that I would like to be than at the next Gathering to revist with all the fine folk I met last time. Thanks again.

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