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Author:  erik "the dane"
E-mail:  not available
Date:  1/3/2005 9:33:52 AM
Subject:  Will I now go to the eternal musicfields...
Message:  ...or can less do it???

Info about nice "new" STEPHEN FOSTER cd - later in this e-mail.

The new 5 cd box set of "my friend" mister JIMMY WEBB titel: "the moon`s a harsh mistress" (in the seventies) just arrival out late december 2004.
Mister WEBB is married again not long ago - NOT much info in papers is US.

I just got both my box set fra CD Universe + Warner Brothers (Rhino Records).
Still trouble with Rhino Records to get the BOX out - only "handmade" in 2.500 ex.


I am mention as Project Assistance on the box.

I THINK IT IS VERY NICE to be mention in same BOOKLET where SIR GEORGE MARTIN says some very nice things about JIMMY and his music.

I like the great April 1972 concert from London "Live at the Royal Albert Hall" with the big Royal Phil. Orch. and Fred Tackett on guitar (he play with Bob Dylan when he sings J.W. in 1981 in Denmark and around).
Jimmy Webb sings his "greatest hits".
J.W. forget to sing on tune "Wichita lineman" (but the tune survival - mister Webb is a great piano player).
"Wichita Lineman" is today the most radio play Country Song ever in US if I remember right.
We got "Wichita lineman" later (last on cd) with vocal from the rehearsal some days before.
We also got J.W.`s great version of Frank Zappa`s "My guitar wants to kill your mama" (what a great name for a song!)
This concert is here for first time on record.

- Mickey Newbury would have love this!

CD titel: "Beautiful Dreamer" (the songs of Stephen Foster) - 2004 issue - US press
Include great booklet.
Songs total: 18.
Artist include: John Prine, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Roger McGuinn, Mavis Stamples, Susy Bogguss, Judith Edelman PLUS MORE.

Got this cd as a gift from my friend MADJON (Jon Butcher) in New Jersey - he is a music expert and have help on lot af cd`s, booklet info`s from Frank Sinatra, Beach Boys, Byrds and around (as I remember) and wrote articles about Byrds (and the people around this group) - I think he is "friends" with some of the members still.

He and his wife BJ was with me and my music expert from Canada, Bruno T. and the teacher from UK mister Mike Howard and his wife (she have just "kiss" RINGO STARR before they leave for N.Y. - she have her own firm in same neighbourhood where Ringo lives).

We all was in New York to support Jimmy Webb at his live concerts on "Bottom Line" (close now!), late August 2003.
MADJON know "all" the rare record shop in New York and New Jersey I think.
MADJON was our guide in downtown Manhatten to the record shops for pick up.

Sorry Mike Howard - in my next life I try to learn how to write, speak in english - a little better!


erik "the dane"

 Will I now go to the eternal musicfields... by erik "the dane" at 1/3/2005 9:33:52 AM