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Author:  Jesse
E-mail:  not available
Date:  1/2/2005 3:39:11 PM
Subject:  New Baby
Message:  Howdy great folks on the front porch,I hope all is well.I just wanted to say sorry for not being around lately,but we had a house fire on the 13th of December so I didn't have access to a computer.But on a better note,I found out that my girlfriend and I will be expecting a baby to our little family.I'm psyched,but alittle nervous as well.I'm just very happy that I can be with my new family,and not over in the Middle East like I recently was.Well I will keep everyone up to date when I get all the information.Godbless and live GRRRREEEEEAAAAATTTTTT.

 New Baby by Jesse at 1/2/2005 3:39:11 PM
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