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Author:  Shirley
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Date:  12/31/2004 1:52:19 PM
Subject:  Update on Zachary
Message:  Happy New Year is not just a phrase now. Zachary was released from the hospital and is now back in Lake Dallas with his parents. We thank you for all your prayers. This baby was very near death and would not have made it if he had not received medical care when he did. As you know he has been diagnosed with juvenile diabetes, a lifelong future of needles, additional health problems. But he is stable, and the family is settling into a routine. Now we have to start to praying for a cure to be found by the medical community before he is much older.Libby and Joe join me in wishing a Happy New Year to all our porch friends and thanks for your concern.

 Update on Zachary by Shirley at 12/31/2004 1:52:19 PM
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