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Author:  susie g
E-mail:  stg@sbcglobal.net
Date:  12/21/2004 4:20:26 PM
Subject:  I need some love and light
Message:  .......tonight. See today is my Son Craigs Birthday. I woke up this morning and as I always do, went to the cemetary and put out his Chirstmas tree. This is the 3rd year I've done this. For some reason this is the hardest one. I wish I knew why. I just can't seem to stop the emotions from flowing. I've always been the strong one, and have never complained or asked why. I have just wondered how I could have been better and how I could have prevented his death. I don't want you guys to pity me, cause we have all lost those we love, but I just felt I needed to talk a little about him tonight. He was one of a kind and didn't always choose the best choices. Sometimes I could have killed him my self. Sometimes, although I loved him,, I sure didn't like his actions. But he was a good soul. He would have done anything for anyone. Where have you all heard that? LOL.. I miss him. I think it dawned on me today, that he isn't coming home. Maybe I've had that thought in the back of my head and didn't even know it. I don't know. Thank you for listening. I love you all and Merry Christmas.
Susie G

 I need some love and light by susie g  at 12/21/2004 4:20:26 PM
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