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Author:  Larry & Gale Book
E-mail:  Booksundown@aol
Date:  12/7/2004 9:22:50 AM
Subject:  Re: Songwriters Festival
Message:  Mamie,
      It was a special evening at the Bart Rocketts Dinner Theater when we met you but it was an incredible gift to have you & Cowboy & Susan as guests in our home. We have already thanked Kacey for sweet talking you into making the effort to spend time with us and some of our special songwriter friends. We truly regret that you were never in our lives before Hurricane Ivan destroyed our Songwriters Cafe in Perdido Key...it was a place you would have loved... the needs of the songwriter were given the highest consideration...a great stage, a great sound system, and an audience that loves the songwriter. What a blessing it was to have people like you make the effort to attend the Frank Brown Festival this year knowing that Perdido Key and Gulf Shores had been devastated by Hurricane Ivan...knowing that so many of the venues had been totally desroyed...knowing that our beautiful beaches were not so beautiful at this point in time...full of debris from beach condos and businesses that no longer had walls or roofs...Perdido Key will take at least 2 years to rebuild since over 90% of its infrastructure was totally destroyed. The beach road has been "rearranged" in several places and to drive it at night is still a treacherous endeavor. Ironically, though, this terrible storm brought out the best in our folks as well as some of the folks in Nashville. Those musicians who came..who insisted on coming to make the sure the festival continued its tradition...came to perform without being paid a cent...they came even though we could not provide them with a condo on the beach...we could not even provide them with any hotel rooms because there weren't any rooms available anywhere. The contracters and construction crews and displaced families don't even have enough places to stay. Our faithful songwriters from Nashville stayed in the homes of the volunteers who help with the fesitval every year. We have had a "'houseguest" since the storm because his home was destroyed on Perdido Key. Everyone we know who has a spare room has had people living with them...and we still made room for our out of town songwriters. These songwriters told us they were willing to sleep on couches, floors, or in their cars if necessary...and some of them did. Mamie, thank you for coming to spend time with us... Battered and distressed as we were; Todd Cerney wrote an incredible song while he was here as his tribute to our area called "We'll Be Back". It is awesome.
We have decided to make the trip to Texas in June and hope he will join us in for the Gathering as he is the kind of quality talent and individual that you seem to draw to your special event.
Again, thank you...
Larry & Gale Book
Perdido Key, Florida

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