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Author:  Karen R
E-mail:  luvnmusc@comcast.net
Date:  11/30/2004 10:23:46 PM
Subject:  Half a Century ago,,,,,,
Message:  On or near December 1st, a young mother was in the process of giving birth to a son. History doesn't tell us how difficult it was.....but no matter how difficult, she must had spent the rest of the years.......in tears of laughter. Or Wonder. Or puzzlement. Or amazement.

Happy Birthday, Ernie Bunch.

Thank you so much for giving a boost to Mickey and getting this website going. You have made so many people very happy.

(thanks, also, to Dave, Steve E., Mike B, etc.)

We love you and all those guys.


p.s. Also a note....it was one year ago on the 1st, that Roy had his heart attack. He is a walking miracle....still helping everyone, and getting the music out. Miracles still happening!!!!

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