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Author:  Paul Hennessey
E-mail:  pmh861@direcway.com
Date:  11/25/2004 9:00:24 AM
Subject:  Re: Mickey & Joan Baez
Message:  Susie,

Thank you for your wonderful story about Mickey and Joan.

Maybe I was wrong about them singing a duet on film. I do remember seeing Mickey sitting in a chair on stage singing either San Francisco Mabel Joy, 33rd of August or Sweet Memories and was sure that I saw Joan Baez on stage at the same time, perhaps in the background or perhaps she introduced him. This could have been a clip from a film that I saw on VH1 instead of in a movie.

Are you at all familiar with this? Then again, it might have been a dream. I do have strange dreams about people I have never actually met. But I am 99.9% sure this was not a dream. Could it have been at Monterey?

Ever since I first heard Mickey sing Mobile Blue I've been hooked on his music and turning people on to him. If I were to list my favorites of his, it would be about at least 20 or more songs. His music will always live. I only wish I could have met him in person. Looks Like Rain was way ahead of its time. A truly great LP. His first few LP's on Elektra were also classics. Also, recently, I was totally blown away by his song "I Don't Love You...". It amazes me how someone could take one line and do what he did with it. Simple, but great.

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