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Author:  papajohn
E-mail:  johnk79@msn.com
Date:  11/24/2004 9:06:03 PM
Subject:  Missed so much
Boy, you go away for a few days and you
really miss alot.

1. Happy Birthday to all (we did sang HB. to
2.Happy Anniversity to all.. November(was it
    a cold or warm month? wink)
3. Glad to see LL is pregnant Our prayers
    continue for the family.
4. Paul- I have a short copy(CD.) of Mickey
     and Baez at Big Sur. If you want a copy
     please e-mail me.
5. The Tribute at Perdido was a great time
    had by everyone(more to come on the back
    porch soon.
6. Cyn and/or Mod, we like to invite you to
     join us on the porch. We are a like minded
     group who loved the man and music of mickey
     Newbury. If you feel the same please join
     us, but be warned that we are an encouraging
     caring and loving family who support each

   God bless us all and let us be thankful
   for the sweet memories.


 Missed so much by papajohn  at 11/24/2004 9:06:03 PM