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Author:  ChrisF
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Date:  11/10/2004 2:16:24 PM
Subject:  Loooong time
Message:  Hi to all who sit on this old porch. Sorry I have not been able to sit with you lately but I have been doing camera work for a sydney TV station which involves long drives and late nights, but I do peek around the corner of the porch often just to see who is sitting.
The job helps to pay for the production of my last CD which by the way is selling well at my concerts.
This week I sold 50 to a man who wants to send them off as christmas presents. that sure helped to recoup some cash.
I took some time off last week and traveled down to Victoria in my M/home I did over 1500 miles.
First night I stopped in Junee and visited with Aussie Karen in her beautiful old post office.
She was playing my CD when I knocked on her door, she is such a treasure.
We went out for dinner and had a great night, of course one Mickey Newbury was the main topic of conversation.
I am looking forward to the end of my contract at the TV station so I can do more playing and singing.
As said in the posts below I just have to play,,,,, for the music.
Love to all who sit here.


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