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Author:  Roy
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Date:  11/10/2004 12:09:10 PM
Subject:  Re: Don't you miss it?
Message:  Laura Shayne asked me a few weeks ago why I quit promoting shows and concerts. Back in the '60's and '70's, and even into the early eighties, the "Big Boys" didn't pay any attention to country music. Country didn't fill up the big arenas, so Bill Graham and Concerts West weren't interested. I guess I cut my own throat by doing the Willie Nelson Picnics or doing "Outlaw" concerts back in the mid '70's. Then in 1976, I promoted a concert in Dallas with Willie, Waylon, Jerry Jeff, Rusty Weir and Steve Fromholz. It sold out weeks in advance. The night of the concert I saw Terry Basset, head of Concerts West, backstage. I knew right then that my days were numbered.

From that point forward I couldn't get an open date at any major facility, the big boys had them on hold. Willie would give me a date from time to time in a minor market, like Fort Smith, Arkansas, but the "Big Boys" could guarantee him a hundred major market dates a year, and give him "up front" money to boot.

All of the major labels opened up Nashville offices. In the eighties the "hats" took over. The big labels would find a nice looking young man, put together a marketing plan, find a decent song, buy the guy a hat, lease a bus, kick him out on the road. If he made it, wonderful! Wonderful for the record company...they had loaded the poor dude up with back charges and his contract, that he was excited to sign, tied him up to the point he couldn't go to the bathroom without the record company's ok. Just think about the one hit wonders that ran through Nashville.

A few made it, survived the bad contract and are still around today. Travis Tritt, Clint Black and a few others were able to beat the system.

Nashville will never be like it was forty years ago, but it is nice to be able to remember when Kris, Mickey, Sammi, Roger, Willie, Waylon, Harlan, Whitey and Merle hung out at Tootsie's or the Boars Nest. That's when it was really all about the music.

Do I miss it???

Damn right...and Lee and Jonmark and Judy and several others here on this Porch do too.

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