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Author:  Ron L.
E-mail:  ron.lyons@charter.net
Date:  11/10/2004 10:50:07 AM
Subject:  Re: Don't you miss it?
Message:  LeighAnne, you struck such a true chord. I'm not a musician but did play music on the radio for almost 50 years in San Francisco. It's really a conflict because if you love what you do, you want to share it. And there is something spiritual and gratifying in performimg and many times that sort of recognition can inspire you to even better accomplishments.

I was lucky enough to know Mickey and to interview Kris and they both told of the wonderfully open creative freedom in Nashville in the 60's to mid 70's. The most important thing I have learned from them is how many really talented people are out there and never get heard from.

Just so you know, there are two items in the CD store you might check out. There's a book on Mickey by Joe Zeimer called "Crystal And Stone" and an audio biography I produced: "Mickey Newbury: An American Treasure". There are also several "Articles"; just click in the upper right hand corner

If you hang out here long enough, you will meet many like yourself who do it because they have no choice. Also check out the many "Links" on the Home Page.


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