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Author:  LeighAnne
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Date:  11/10/2004 9:57:34 AM
Subject:  Don't you miss it?
Message:  Thoughts from the newbie......

With regards to Kris' speech last night.....

Don't you miss that it actually used to be about the music...?

It was a real blow to me to be told that I was too old...not pretty enough...not skinny enough...not willing to be "sexy" enough to be considered worth listening to...

The reality (for me..at least..) was never about "fame".....I LIKE being able to walk down the street without mobs of people after me...not that this scenario was ever likely to take place anyway.....(HAHAHA) and it actually became a physical thing for me when I wasn't able to sing......

I'm a stage singer...not a video singer..not even a studio musician.....I've done plenty of stage shows...and for me it has ALWAYS been about the music....I've had encounters with people who were only there because they could think no further than what fame could bring them.....or "don't you think I sound like Merle"......

Does anyone else have a hard time explaining this to people...? I'm always afraid that I come off as a snob, when I try to explain to my friends and family that it has never been just a hobby..its actually a physical need that I can't explain......

Some of my favorite memories are of playing with guys who were around when it was about the music......They are the ones who play for me now.......The guys who played for Connie Smith when she won Bill Anderson's eye at a county fair......the guys who sat around and remember when Loretta Lynn first burst onto the music scene....and can tell you that most of her songs are simple...mostly C's and G's.....<<smiling>> stuff like that.....

They play thru the arthritis...the aches and pains...they travel for hours to get to a two hour show...because for them, it's always been about the music...that's what they've taught me.......

Just some thoughts from the newbie.......


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