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Author:  Lee F.
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Date:  11/5/2004 8:30:02 PM
Subject:  Re: so sad
Message:  Joop...I know theworld we are now iving in is a scary one for the kids of today and tomorrow, it's a shame it has become this way, but it has through the misguided beliefs of Extremist members of the Muslim community...who distort their own Religious beliefs to justify the horror they commit. Of course not ALL of them are Extremists...so we should not condemn the Muslims that worship as a peaceful people, their beliefs.
Just hold fast to the belief that God will take care of your girls ..trust in your prayers to Him.
What else can we do?     God Bless You and your Family !!

 so sad by Joop  at 11/5/2004 12:29:55 PM
 Re: so sad by Lee F. at 11/5/2004 8:30:02 PM