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Author:  Cathe
E-mail:  not available
Date:  11/2/2004 4:19:11 PM
Subject:  Songwriters Update
Message:  Reneda has just finished the scheduling for Songwriters, it should be posted on the website tomorrow or the next day...Mickey's tribute, as to where it will be, is still up in the air...Reneda said today that the Silver Moon has no sewer, but water...But, there's an 8 ft. deep hole in front of it that may or may not be filled before songwriters and the roads are closed at night... Right now it's looking as if it may be a hosting place during the day for food for everyone... But no scheduling of music is there this year... She's trying to get the Opera House, which would provide good sound, but row seating and no food or beverages sold...Or, Pirates Cove has offered also..Good sound, and an intimate atmostphere....Just on the water, and Mic loved the place...It's definitely been a surviour though all of this..Mrs. Eileen, the matriarch of the Cove said yesterday that she just wants to see this be a very speical time for everyone who participates and comes to listen..Everyone, everywhere has worked soooo hard to have the Festival go on...As soon as Reneda knows where the tribute will be, I'll post it here...Still, all in all, I think it's going to be a "unique" year for Songwriters, and many thanks to all our voleenter's and voleenter musicians...

 Songwriters Update by Cathe at 11/2/2004 4:19:11 PM