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Author:  Roy
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Date:  10/28/2004 1:19:05 PM
Subject:  Re: Jobs...
Message:  Your psychic powers must be working Susie. We were all out in the front yard last night checking out the eclipse and listening to Doug and Laura Shayne harmonize with the wind chimes on the porch. SueAnn asked me what kind of day job Doug had...I was embarrassed to admit I didn't know. Then we started naming porch people and, if we knew, their occupations.

There were five folks there who have been to the last two Gatherings and we were only able to come up with 24 people that we thought we knew how they earned a living. Some of the jobs we made up for some people were a lot funnier than the real thing would be.

Like the kids thinking that Mickey worked at the golf course...and Larry being the head taste tester at Blue Bell. Some of the better ones would be better left unsaid here.

Just for the fun of it...I'll open a thread on the back porch for show and tell.

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