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Author:  Enfinger
E-mail:  not available
Date:  10/27/2004 8:45:18 PM
Subject:  Mick-in-the-Moon
Message:  Mickey seemed to have an infatuation for the moon & perhaps it's effects on "us" ... I share the feeling. I've often made mention of being reminded of Mick when I looked at the moon.

Kathy & I had hopes of traveling to Oregon in the spring of 2002 ... it didn't come to be, but indulge me for a bit & let me share a "moon" story. These are copied from my "saved" emails:

"W. Steve Enfinger" wrote 12/19/2001:

> Hey Mick,
>     I hope you are makin' it oK ... I like the LRH CD ... makin' plans for a
> motorhome trip your way in mid April ... I should be far enough along with
> corn seed shipments & it'll still be a couple weeks before wheat harvest
> begins ... the thing I'm not sure of is will the snow be gone by then? I
> don't want to get stuck in a blizzard!!
> Pleasant listening,
> Steve
> PS: Hug Susan & let her know we look forward to meeting your "inspiration"

Mickey responded:


my friend...my friend...there is a threat of snow until July.
You are lucky enough to have a friend to guide you across
country with only the slight possibility of snow in one short stretch.

Bring it on,


We were unable to make that trip, regretfully, but in April 2003 ... I sold some oat seed to a firm in Oregon & long story short, hooked a U-haul trailer behind our motorcoach & delivered two tons of oat seed to Rickreall, Oregon. I pulled out of Brigham City, Utah 'bout 3:00 AM, Kathy was asleep in the rear, as I entered Idaho on I-84 the snow began coming down & seemed as if it was going to stop my trip ... then just before daylight ... due west of Boise, Idaho ... the snow clouds lifted & there was the most beautiful full moon I've ever seen ... showing me the way. Thank you Mick!!!

Tonight as the eclipse of the moon is happening ... I believe it is for the memory of my friend Mickey Newbury ... & maybe it is so he can see us clearly ... he & his "pals" ... Waylon, Roger, Johnny, Harlan, & wasn't Lefty right?.

Last weekend I re-read every e-mail message Mick sent ... anyone else save those kinda things? I love the messages, pictures, & treasures from "along-the-way" ... most of all I love the "Sweet Memories". Neat "trick" with the moon Mick ... & the "Sox's" just won the game!!!

Pleasant listening,


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