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Author:  Shirley (Texas)
E-mail:  not available
Date:  10/27/2004 8:20:33 PM
Subject:  Prayers for Lib
Message:  Kind hearts and gentle people, my Lib is in need of your prayers and thoughts tonight. She has had trouble with her high blood pressure all this month and been in and out of the ER. She has been working in Kerrville ( about 100 miles from SA all this week. She had a reaction to some medication and her b/p spiked over 220 over 120/ They admitted her to the hospital in Kerrville yesterday. Testing and checking on possible heart involvement. Her number in case you want to call her is 830-258-6621. She has a problem getting medication that agrees with her, and that will keep the pressure down. Pray that the dr can find the right combination and she will be out and around soon. Thank you. Her Mom, Shirley

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