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Author:  Robert
E-mail:  rdgjun@aol.com
Date:  10/24/2004 3:15:57 AM
Subject:  mickeys kind heart
Message:  I remember being a young writer in the early 80's in nashville. I was doing some sessions on my songs at Acuff Rose, where they were doing some demos on my songs. And from being around Acuff Rose at that time, I got to know Mickey Newburry. I was astonished by by Mickeys writing, but more than that, Mickeys great smile, and kind heart. Mickey new how to write and sing a song as we all know. But I was more impressed how Mickey treated everyone as if they were somebody special. He treated everyone pretty much equal, you did'nt have to be a star, or a big songwriter as he was, he treated you as a person with kindness, and respect. I will always remember those mornings he would call me up and ask me if I would meet him for breakfast at a little cafe, and he would tell me stories and how he came up with a line and what that line meant in a certain song he wrote. I will always remember those priceless moments I got to spend with Mickey Newburry, he was truly a complete original. There will never be another singer/songwriter with his qualities as a writer, but more important , as a person who treated others with great respect. I miss Newberry, but his songs live on forever.

 mickeys kind heart by Robert  at 10/24/2004 3:15:57 AM
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