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Author:  larry larry
E-mail:  not available
Date:  10/19/2004 4:05:28 PM
Subject:  Did Mickey really love me?
Message:  I was looking for a poem for a girl at my school who has a friend whose dad is very sick. I wrote this email to Mick August 10, 2002 and his reply is below. Anyone here know why I would question whether he loved me or not?

LMooreMNM@aol.com wrote:

> I lost your email and Phone number. I hated like crazy to have to ask Dave
> for them but I had no choice. He says that the only one worse, than me,
> about losing numbers, addresses, and stuff, is you. Your mother and I had
> lunch about a week ago. She said that she talked to you and you said that
> you felt great. I may be wrong but I assume that means that you feel like
> crap and don't want to worry her. I hope I'm wrong. Just checkin' in. Let
> me know if you get this so I'll know whether to thank Dave or not.
> larry larry moore

...not that day Larry...believe it or not it was one of my better days.
My E-Mail is mickey@mickeynewbury.com and the number is 541-726417

Love ya,

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