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Author:  Bill Clark
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Date:  10/17/2004 7:57:48 PM
Subject:  Re: Politics
Message:  I just read LL's post re POLITICS. I don't know
what this is all about, but, based on the comments by LL, I'm glad I missed it! Discussions
about politics and religion can destroy friend-
ships rather easily, and e-mail friendships, per-
haps, even more easily. Two good subject to avoid completely. After all, I'm sure all of us
have OPINIONS on both subjects, but opinions are
just like back-sides.......ALL of us have one! I
hope no real animosity developed between members
of this board over either, because the truth is that the "friendship" developed through this web-
site is, for the most part, an "electronic friendship" based on our mutual appreciation of Mr. Mickey Newbury and/or his music. Of course,
I am well-aware that many of you were personally
acquainted with him, and continue to be personal
friends of his family; you are fortunate in that
regard; but for the rest of us it's basically his
talent for writing and performing MUSIC that is
the common thread amoung us. So , perhaps we would be better served by one another to avoid politics and religion, huh? Whatta ya think?

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