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Author:  Michael O'Hanlon
E-mail:  douglasweekly@eircom.net
Date:  10/17/2004 3:37:37 AM
Subject:  Cowboy's going to Ireland!!!
Message:  Good morning America, how are you?I've just ordered Cowboy Johnson's Cd from the store and who knows maybe Cowboy might pay a visit to our shores one day.I suppose I'm what you might call an occassional porcher, just dropping in once in a while.The past year has been good for me music wise, With some friends we flew to London to see and hear Brian Wilson in the Royal festival hall,awesome concert with the best backing harmony singers around.that was in February, in August we went to Edinburgh for the military Tattoo Festival in Edinburgh Castle.It was an unforgettable experience.Beautiful music played at night in a magnificent castle.Finally a few weeks ago Earl Scruggs came to town and we drove almost 200 miles to see and hear the great man.Yesterday my son returned my Mickey Newbury Box set after the longest week ever(six months!!)but I had two sets, the second one being the digitally remastered set which I keep hidden!I bought some good DVD's this year.John Prine live, The statler brothers farewell concert, The three pickers(Doc,Earl and Ricky)the NGDB "Will the circle be unbroken Part three" which brings me to my final question, any news on Mickey's live DVD?                                                                                                                      Until next time,God Bless, Michael.                   

 Cowboy's going to Ireland!!! by  Michael O'Hanlon  at 10/17/2004 3:37:37 AM
 Re: Cowboy's going to Ireland!!! by Craig at 10/17/2004 4:38:34 AM