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Author:  Jimmie Mac
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Date:  10/13/2004 9:42:31 AM
Subject:  Remembered
Message:  I had to meet another Texas in Ruston, Louisiana Tuesday. Driving back to Katy, Texas to visit a friend who is near death, I traveled down US highway 59, thinking about becoming 59 in January. The sign said: Tenaha 5 miles. And within 30 minutes I had driven through the small East Texas towns of Bobo, Timpson and Blair. It brought back some sweet memories on my drive. And then New Caney arrived on road.

Mamie, thanks for the cool glass of water and a wonderful hug. And thanks for telling me that these towns were first mentioned in a Bob Wills song, and Mickey repeated them in his. I wasn't aware of that. God Bless you.

 Remembered by Jimmie Mac at 10/13/2004 9:42:31 AM
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