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Author:  Doug
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Date:  10/10/2004 1:22:25 AM
Subject:  Re: CD Store
It's a beautiful story, Cowboy's,
how he'd just about finished his cd
in tribute to Mickey when he discovered
this old porch. The cd was made out of
love for Mickey and his music, and out
of a sense of loss knowing he'd died.
Little did Cowboy know there was a whole
new family awaiting him here, including
Susie, Laura, Leah and Joe, all of whom
he met in Austin a few months after
A Grain Of Sand was released on Moonhouse.
He'd already met Mamie in New Caney and
again at his cd release party, and was able
to have a photo of Mamie and himself
included as part of the cd booklet.
I know from staying at Cowboy's house how
much all of this means to him, as he'd sometimes
smile after a few moments silence, shake his
head and say words of delight and appreciation
for the good graces that had come to him.
A sign of his generous spirit was his inviting
Laura on stage at Willie's Fourth of July picnic
to sing harmony with him on Sweet Memories,
a song that is one Cowboy's cd with an extra,
never-recorded verse added with the family's
permission. It's a beautiful cd. I play it on
my radio show on a regular basis because it's
that damn good. Keep singing, Cboy.

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