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Author:  Cathe
E-mail:  cathe_steele@hotmail.com
Date:  9/28/2004 4:15:17 PM
Subject:  Songwriters Fesitval
Message:  Not many of you know me, but I know all of you and have frequented this sight since before Mickey died... I'm a songwriter/musician also who never had the opportunity to know Mickey personally, but personally knew him from the affect that his music had on me as both a player and a songwriter... I just thought I'd drop this line to you all and let you know what news I have so far..I talked with Reneda today, and the news on the Songwriters Festival is that it's going to happen..Right now many songwriters have called and offerd to just come and play...No pay involved, and they will even pay for their own accomodations just to see the 20th anniversay of the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival go on...And, so it will... Even the tribute to Mickey...

Joe says the Silver Moon will be open..(Hopefully the road to it as well..:o/)...Many venues are trashed...Characters Songwriters Cafe, owned and loved by Larry and Gale Booke was destroyed...Just one of many...Pirates Cove is trashed, but is cleaning up quickly...AND, the bar is still standing, and they are offering to still host, and host the opening locals night or the whole thing if need be as well...If any of you have ever been there, (I know you have Miss Mamie :o), you know it's a special place for music...It was about Pirates Cove that Mickey made one of his last entries to the Front Porch before he passed.. It was during a time when their roof had been blown off by a water spout and we were having a "raising the roof" benefit where musicians and songwriters all over were donating their talents and time to put a new one on for the Cove...Which they did!!!...

There are other venues up and running..Lulu's, the VIP louge, Hub Stacey's..So, although it may not take place inside the Bama..Hopefully the spirit of that room will take up residence in the Silver Moon, Pirates Cove, and all the other places...But then, it's all about the songs, the writers, and the love of the whole thing to have it continue...And it's gonna, and I'll bet it'll be the most special and unique songwriters yet!!

 Songwriters Fesitval by Cathe  at 9/28/2004 4:15:17 PM
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