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Author:  BillP
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Date:  9/28/2004 1:35:58 PM
Subject:  Back Online!!
Message:  Mediacom has finally gotten our cable and internet going again after Ivan. The city of Mobile was so fortunate. Had it not made that last shift to the east, there would have been 12 feet of water in Downtown Mobile and the eye of the storm would have gone right over our house as we live very near the AL MS line. So one downed tree and loss of cable and internet is not really a problem. Gulf Shores and Pensacola took the brunt of the storm. It's good to be back on the porch again!! We haven't heard anything about the Songwriters Festival (maybe a new location) but I'm sure that's not a high priority for Joe Gilchrist right now.

 Back Online!! by BillP at 9/28/2004 1:35:58 PM
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