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Author:  MrBeve
E-mail:  sales@emeraldcoasthosting.com
Date:  9/22/2004 3:43:45 AM
Subject:  Hurricane Ivan - Pensacola
Message:  I haven't been able to talk to Joe yet but the word is, he intends to reopen the Flora-Bama as soon as possible. I've talked to several employees and they have said they are ready to start the cleanup as soon as they are allowed back on Perdido Key. It looks like they will have to start from scratch but I'm sure Joe will preserve what he can.

I've been through several hurricanes but this one was horrific. The relentless 100+ winds wore us down. Lives were lost and property damage is extreme but we are moving on.

The support from neighbors and friends near and far has been great. More than great, I just can't think of a great word this early in the morning. People are simply helping each other with very few words needed besides "Thank you" and a nod and a smile. As soon as someone has their electricity restored they call the fire department to come get their ice or whatever emergency supplies they have to give to anyone in need. Ice and clean water become very important during disasters like this. I'm very proud of everyone. Price gouging is very rare because well, we're just not fond of it 'round here :).

I've got to go to work. The company I work for now is currently replacing the AC units on top of the hospitals. Long days. I hope Rodeo made it through it okay and would really like to hear from the ole boy.

Take care all.

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