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Author:  Shiirley
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Date:  9/21/2004 7:09:41 AM
Subject:  Re: A big San Antone party, the 18th
Message:  Thanks to all my porch familly for the good wishes on my special day. It was a bkast that kasted akk week-end. My son, daughter and her family came in from the metroplex. It wll started with a great party at club, Fiasco, with a band that headed by a young friend of RB's who has played at every birthday since I came to SA 15 years ago. Started in my backyard with he and RB playing for my parties. Closed up the bar at 3. Then Satuurday we had more family join us and had cooked out and enjpyed swimming in the pool.family left to return home and I went downtown to the Jazz festival with my friend CAarol. You only turn 75 once you know. Had a great time so when you all are unvited to my party you should come.

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