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Author:  Ken in Jax
E-mail:  kenconnors@bellsouth.net
Date:  9/17/2004 5:48:36 PM
Subject:  Re: Hurricane Jeanne
Message:  Bonnie was touching the gulf and Charlie was threatening Tampa. My mother in law was celebrating her 90th in Lake Wales at her son's lodge. He was planning to put up about 50 of us for the reunion. We arrived Wednesday night and I had time to play 18 holes with my brother in Tampa. (Had a wonderful round at TPC.) I left early on Friday to beat the evacuees. Sure enough Charley pounded us in Lake Wales, but nobody was hurt. The power was out for a week and I am sure it cost Ed and Alberta quite a bit to replace the roofs (rooves?) and haul away the downed trees. We returned to Jax. A week later Frances hit Ed and Alberta again and spun some tropical storm winds to Jax, knocking out our power and parts of our trees. Have we had enough? Then that sonofabitch Ivan hit the Florabama! I'll be glad to help rebuild. I don't get there often enough, but we need the Florabama. Now Jeanne has its dotted line pointed to Jacksonville... We've had enough!

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