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Author:  Tom the Tree Guy
E-mail:  canopytree@earthlink.net
Date:  9/16/2004 11:18:22 PM
Subject:  Re: Greetings Outpost #736
Message:  Hi!

I feel like I'm crashing this party. After reading the posts it sounds like all of you know each other. I only know that Mark makes some great music. A number of years ago Mark did a gig in Minneapolis. He played a set on the Cities 97 Traffic Jam. I'm guessing he was going to play at the Fine Line that night. Unfortunately I found out too late and was committed to something else. The next day I stopped and bought Radartown. That was probably back around '96 or so. A while later I picked up your other CD. Both are still on my "Take to the desert island" list.

Rex Bob was run out by Clear Channel. Too bad :(

For a long time I've been Googling Mark and this is as close to a live connection that I've found.

Are you gigging? Any plans of coming to Denver? There is a wonderful Americana radio station here, KCUV AM 1510, playing Ry Cooder right now. When I found the station I wrote and suggested that they play your music. they wrote back to acknowledge but I haven't heard any of your songs. Maybe someday.

I seem to remember that you were in Nashville at one time. Still there? Next August I'll be in Nashville for a conference. It would be too cool to hear you play or meet up with you.

All the best!


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