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Author:  ZRyan
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Date:  9/12/2004 9:11:32 PM
Subject:  The Apostle
Message:  When I first came to LA as an apprentice architecht (I don't know why they hired me as LA gets nervous when you rise above five stories), I drove for a limo company to pay the rent. I drove a lot of talented people. I drove Bobby DiNiro and Bobby Duval. The best guy I drove was Bill Murray. A genuinely nice man. Bobby Duval also is a gentleman born. I watched The Apostle tonight. Surely he is a genius. Duval sings a lot too, and not bad. The only guy I think could have played this part better is Mickey Newbury. I thought of that tonight when I remembered Mickey once played a preacher. I never drove Mickey Newbury. I imagine he would have been a life-changing experience.

 The Apostle by ZRyan at 9/12/2004 9:11:32 PM
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