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Author:  Jonmark
E-mail:  not available
Date:  9/11/2004 6:53:16 PM
Subject:  Nit Picking
I spent a little more time with Mickey's Gibson CE this afternoon, and with my memories.

I was wrong in remembering the original top being dark. I found this picture from the "New Age" session (when the guitar was new).
Clearly a natural finish.

Here's a shot I took in Savannah '97 of the same guitar with the carved top overlay. Still not a great picture... I know I have a detail shot somewhere.

I guess I've spent more time on this guitar because he used it for so many years, and because I have many personal memories surrounding it.
It is a very powerful instrument electronically... a perfect match for his beautiful style of bare finger playing.

One more thing, it's a HEAVY guitar... right Bob?

(Sometime back, the subject of this guitar came up and Bob R had a hair raising story about leaving it in a parking lot somewhere.)

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